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  • Danielle C – L posted an update 1 month ago

    Hello everyone …
    I am so sorry that and cannot believe that it has been so long since I was able to log in. A few days after my last sign off, we lost a family member. It was somewhat expected and as the medium/spiritual counselor in the family, I had been working very hard over the last couple years to prepare everyone as best possible and fulfill last wishes etc. But of course our emotions are unpredictable and uncontrollable to most of us, and the reactions of some of the living threw us for a loop and spurred some big changes into being. Empathically dealing with so many emotions of the living and the dead on top of my own in such circumstances, in addition to the energy of solstice and eclipse season, brought up some extra karmic and health issues for me that I have been working very hard to clear and get back to life as usual. Anyway, I explain all this to say that I am very sorry for not keeping up my momentum on here and continuing to add and respond… I just had to completely check out of the online and device world and take care of myself and family. I’m sure you all have been through similar and understand, and I again thank you. I am trying to catch up on many things and get back on track, so if I miss something or someone’s message, please feel free to message me again. Thank you all (and of course our host Marina) for creating such a positive atmosphere and community.
    Hope everyone is well. Sending Love, Light, & Positive Vibes to All on All Levels…
    Danielle C.-L. (aka Danielle-WomanBehindTheCurtan)

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