Posted 3 months ago by Vaughn

All sizes of Koi and Butterfly Koi are available from 4" to 18". Shipping to Cleveland, Buffalo, and Pittsburgh areas of the USA will be inexpensive... one day ground Fedex. The koi are grown year round indoors and outdoors in summer. Some are used to produce aquaponic produce, especially Basil!

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Posted 3 months ago by Vaughn

Trading only cotton t-shirts and sweatshirts/hoodies in many varieties and colors. Let me know your preferences and I will send you listings to choose from.

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Posted 3 months ago by Joe Pena

I'm presently working with someone who has a lot of information to share, but didn't quite have a way to put it together as clearly as they would like. I can work with you for an Hour via Zoom video or audio, and help you sort things out. If you don't already have an Outline, we can create one. If you have a Script, we could practice your delivery. If you just don't feel comfortable on camera, I can work with you on that. (Yes, in just One Hour!) Contact me, and we can schedule a Zoom call.

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Posted 3 months ago by Birdie Lovvorn

Being a potter I spin little tea mugs with the intention of pure and absolute love. The energy in my hands and the prayers while creating the pieces come from the heart. Going with the concept of Emoto's experiments I write the words love on each mug as to infuse the liquids it contains. I would love to share a few of these mugs.

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Posted 3 months ago by Vaughn

This Basil is dried in a dehydrator, grown indoors in aquaponics (with fish water), with no spray of any kind, no pest contact, and no human contact until picked. Only the leaves are used. One ounce of dried is equal to 16 oz fresh and it keeps so much better (:

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