Hello Dear friends we are the Council of Nine. We wish to show you another way to implement Manifestation in your reality hologram for complete abundance.  It is called Energy Philanthropy.

Energy Philanthropy is when you replace the money structure of condition with the energy of the heart and you give without expectation of something in return.  This way you can create and project a completely new timeline of realities for yourself based on giving and sharing, because you truly love and respect that person.

In order to see this reality of pure abundance you have to be the vibration of it at all times, so you can crystallize this timeline of reality.  Because your reality is a mirror image of your vibration of thoughts, deeds and emotions.  So be it to see it.  That is part of your quantum structural existence.

To do Energy Philanthropy you have to transition from money exchange and start giving all your knowledge for free. We know that sounds like too much for you.  But how are you going to see no monetary systems and a full utopian society without you being the Hz vibration of that reality first?   You have to hold that vibration first and project that Hz into your hologram for it to become a probability of reality timeline for you.

We are a pure example of this abundance society.  All that is from us to you is without expectations in any form.  The only thing we wish for you is to become the best of yourself and reach your full potential at all times.  Because you are our family and we truly love you.

So let it be. Teach yourself to be only in service to others.  Be the true passion of love to others and give to an endless amount.  Because you are never depleted.  To think that you are depleted is an illusion.  You have been conditioned to think that, and in order for you to give, you HAVE to take something in return from that person.  But the truth is that you always receive whatever you need, if not from that person, then from some other form in your hologram reality. When you project the Hz vibration of just giving then the quantum structure of the god particle manifests back to you whatever you needed by mimicking that vibration.  It is the quantum law.

You are never depleted.  You are an infinite energy creator. You can manifest infinite probabilities to infinite abundance. The true exchange is through the heart.  That is the true vibration of the soul God particle essence.  Be that essence. Be the love.  Find it, feel it.  And we promise you that you will achieve realities of abundance beyond your comprehension. That is truly the miracle.  You are the miracle.  You are the source and the creator of your existence.

So be it.  Feel it to see it.  Be love.

So this is the pure Energy Philanthropy because it is given from the heart without condition for exchange of the monetary platform.  Create new timeline based on your pure gifts from the heart.   Let people choose where they want to help and in what way and form. So you be the movement.  You be the beacon of pure heart energy and project you’re doing and essence into your new hologram at all times.  Because your the creator.   And this is how you will create the ripple effect and be the reality timeline of pure abundance.  Love is the answer.

Love is the movement.  From love is the essence of all that it is in the now.  That heart giving energy is pure because is the projection of god source itself.  There is no condition, no duality and is not dense Hz.  The manifestation is pure joy of god source.

The higher consciousness societies are based on the energy philanthropy platform.

Dear friends this is a new existence; a new timeline reality for us that we can create.  We just need to implement it if we choose to do so.  And here is the new vibrational sentence that carries the Hz of the heart.  Please use it at all times when you just help each other form the heart.  It will penetrate from your consciousness and crystallize in your new 5th Dimensional hologram reality timeline.


The Council of Nine and the Letorians  

Channeled by: Marina Jacobi