The Holographic Universe
Category: Science,Universe Author: Marina Jacobi Date: 7 months ago Comments: 4

The Holographic Universe is a “must read” for anyone with an open, inquiring mind and a curiosity about the cosmos in which we reside. Talbot has a talent for presenting complex subjects in layman’s terms, yet make it interesting reading. While some of the topics may at first glance appear intimidating, most folks will find this book quite readable and understandable. That doesn’t mean The Holographic Universe is light reading. You are likely to find the material presented here to be nothing short of astounding. The ramifications for humanity are staggering as this book seriously challenges the basis for our cultural view of reality: materialism. After reading The Holographic Universe, you will understand why so many people are starting to say that a paradigm shift in our science and culture is at hand.

Science’s orthodoxy still resists abandoning materialism, but the scientific handwriting has been on the wall ever since 1905 when Einstein delivered his papers on Special Relativity and The Photovoltaic Effect. Subsequent research in Quantum Mechanics (sub-atomic physics) continues to usher us away from materialism and toward something far more interesting. History has shown us that radically new advances in worldviews almost never occur with the blessing of the Old Guard; it invariably takes fresh new minds to accept change of such magnitude. So it is with our society. As we move into the next millennium, concepts similar to those presented by Talbot will become mainstream and commonplace. As a result, our society will also be transformed.

The concepts presented in this book are a cornerstone of Quanta-Gaia — the quest to better understand the cosmos and our role in it. After reading this book, you will either dismiss it as fantasy, like so many dismissed Einstein’s papers in 1905, or you will be impressed by the magnitude of change which is at hand.

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