Energy Philanthropy is based on the idea of creating a reality where we do not depend on money.
We developed a platform where users can exchange  goods and services from the heart .
We want to encourage everyone to change the structure of energy exchange by giving it away with love and  without expectations.
By doing so we create a timeline where we all help one another and co-create the Unity Consciousness we all want to manifest in a 5D New Earth. 

“Energy Philanthropy you have to transition from money exchange and start giving all your knowledge for free”.-Marina

We want to create the example that we can all give freely without expectation thus saying to the universe that we are open with love to give to our fellow brothers and sisters.
The time is now to begin to help one another without depending on the structure of currency .
If you like what we are about please join us, spread the word and use our Goods & Services pages to begin to share from the heart.